Tips for Ensuring the Safety of Your Kids During School Trips

Travelling with kids is not easy. If you are a teacher or a parent who volunteered as a chaperone, these kids are your responsibility. You have to ensure their safety throughout the trip. Otherwise, you will be confronted endlessly by the parents.

The key is in organising the trip. You have to make sure that everything is well-prepared so that it will end up exactly the way you envisioned it. Here are some more tips to help you when planning a trip with students.


Prepare all documents

Once the details of the trip are finalised, make sure that the parents know about it. Let them sign a consent form allowing their kids to go on the trip. If there are travel documents that need to be prepared, you also have to inform the parents. The cost of the trip should also be given to them in advance, so they can prepare. Most of all, you have to let them know exactly what they need to pack for their kids for the trip.


Set up an orientation

You must have a final orientation with the parents and students about the trip. Everyone should be on the same page. You need to tell the parents what will happen, when you are leaving, where you are staying and when you are coming back. If there are reminders, they should be provided during the orientation. For instance, if the trip is to a zoo, everyone should be aware of the safety procedures to help prevent accidents from happening.


Find the right bus company

You can ensure safety during the trip if you have the right transport. Choosing a bus company is really important since not all of them have a proven record when it comes to safety. Some have experienced major accidents in the past and might not have instituted changes to prevent those accidents from happening again. There are bus companies in the area that have a proven track record. Drivers also know the best routes, so the kids don’t just feel safe during the trip but will appreciate the beauty of the city. Take a look at the best bus hire in Belfast, for example, if you are travelling to or from the city.


Always have your eyes on the kids

It helps if there are a lot of adults going on the trip. They will make sure the kids are checked all the time. When you are travelling with small children, they tend to move around at all times. It is perfectly fine for kids to explore and have fun. Just make sure they don’t get hurt during the process. With proper organisation, this trip will be fun, exciting and safe.