Welcome to the best article about Bus Hire Belfast and how to do it corrrectly.

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Is it worthwhile to hire a bus in Belfast?

Well, the truth is that it is a good option if you want to travel with a group of people in an economic and fast way. Besides, we can say that traveling by bus is one of the most popular ways in Northern Ireland, as we love sharing experiences with friends, family or acquaintances. The truth is that it is a real pleasure to be able to share such moments with the people closest to you. That yes, we must say that meeting new people is a wonderful Is it worthwhile to hire a bus in Belfast?experience since the human being is made to relate and is what really makes us grow as people and achieve our goals, both short, medium, as a long term.

What places do you recommend to visit when we Bus Hire in Belfast?

The truth is that there are many since Northern Ireland is wonderful and we believe that you have a thousand options at least to spend a good vacation or a few days of relaxation to disconnect from everything.

However, there are certain emblematic places within the country and more specifically in Belfast that we are sure you will love.

You can go to Belfast city center, which is very nice and there are many shops to buy whatever you can imagine.

The most famous things to visit in Belfast are…

Titanic Belfast

Did you know that the Titanic was built in Belfast? Titanic Belfast interpretation center was inaugurated in 2012, 100 years after the catastrophe that caused more than 1,500 deaths after the shock of the famous transatlantic against an iceberg. The Titanic Belfast has the same height as the legendary ship and consists of six floors with reconstructions of staterooms, deck, and rooms of original machines that power closer to its unhappy history.What places do you recommend to visit?

City Council

Belfast City Council is one of Belfast’s landmark buildings if it is not that more. It is located in Donegall Square, a square with a lot of charm in the center of the city, and on its facade stands out the Green dome of 53 meters high. It is worth to see it both day and night.

Albert Memorial Clock

Among the most representative places of Belfast is also the Albert Memorial Clock, a slightly leaning tower of 113 meters tall with clock located in Queens Square and conceived as a tribute to Prince Albert, spouse of Queen Victoria.

The Giant’s Causeway

It was mother nature, and its millions of years of evolution, which has given us one of the best places to see in Northern Ireland.

The Giant’s Causeway was formed about 60million years ago. When I walked by his strange volcanic rock steps, I felt small, fully aware that humanity is a speck of dust on a planet that even we do not understand at all. We may never do so.

The Green cliffs that surround this wonder, do not to accentuate its beauty. The legend that explains the formation of the Giant’s Causeway as a result of a fight between a giant Irish and other Scottish priceless.

Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland

Painters, writers and even Kings of Scotland have come to Rathlin Island in search of inspiration.

It is a small island, completely green and cliffs carved to hit water and wind, where life goes to another rhythm. Today just over 100 inhabitants live in it, but it came to thousand a century ago.

It was at Rathlin where the clan McDonalds gave shelter to a Robert The Bruce defeated the English. Future Scottish King here would find the inspiration to return to their land and defeat the English in the 14th century.

In addition to the history of the place, I learned about its nature. Dramatic and beautiful at the same time, is animated by the great number of puffins  bird peculiar and characteristic of the area  that nest in the cliffs.