Welcome to the best article to know which is the best bus company in Belfast.Belfast Bus Company

In order to make this article, we have done a survey to many clients, both recurring and new to the bus companies that are located in Belfast to know their opinion about the best buses company in Belfast.

A single company is dominating the market remarkably, which has been perfectly reflected in the results of the survey conducted at street level.

To carry out this study we have asked for both the service and the quality of the customer service, since it is very important that as a client you feel comfortable with the treatment received, especially when we talk about a bus company.

Travelling with the best Belfast bus company

After having made a count of the votes, we could see that 83% of the votes had opted for a single company. At the same time, it was determined that United Bus Company is the best bus company in Belfast, above all its competitors.

Clients value their treatment very positively and say that they feel at home, since the staff is very polite and friendly. In addition, they confirm that the buses are very comfortable and that 73% of them have already traveled more than once with the company.

Apart from the treatment received and the great service they offer in terms of transport or travel, customers say that the prices of travel are very cheap and that you can know a lot of world for a very low price.

Moreover, in this article we will leave you some of the most exclusive offers you can imagine, so you can start traveling at a much lower cost than under normal conditions.

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Belfast bus company prices are also important

It is very important that apart from the comfort we can enjoy very good prices, because as less spend on transportation, but we can invest in the trip itself.

Belfast bus company prices are also important

However, United Bus Company apart from having spectacular prices, we offer an incredible quality and unbeatable, which is to be welcomed, since the most important thing in a trip is the quality of service and safety. For the same reason is that the company is achieving great success, because they never leave safety aside and always improve it, day by day.

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The coach hire prices are incredible in United Bus Company

You won’t find better prices in the buses market than in United Bus Company.

We work so you can travel at a great price wherever you go. Renting a coach is no longer an impossible mission. We have worked a lot to be able to offer you really good prices already available to everyone, since everyone deserves to travel and know the world and you can do it from now on with us.

The coach hire prices are incredible in United Bus Company

You can fill out the form that we will leave you below so that we can offer you the best possible price and you will have your bus ready the day or the date you tell us.

Also, if you need to go to a special event, such as a wedding, a birthday or any meeting, we will offer different options with very competitive prices and, most importantly, with the best quality you can find in Belfast and in all of Northern Ireland .

What are the measurements of a bus?

If you want to know which are the measurements of a bus, we will tell you right now. It is important for you to know this because many think that a bus is very little or huge and they are maybe wrong.

If you want to know what measures a bus has, stay at this point of the article because we will show it to you in detail.

It is always good to know, either to be able to calculate the people who will accompany you on your journey or to know what capacity you have to store your luggage.

A bus can go from 13 m to 15 m, but you will never see a bus that goes below 10 meters, at least within our company. As far as the width is concerned, it is 2.6 m what the bus occupies on the road. And finally, we have a height of approximately 3.73 m, which is perfect to give you a vision of the perfect landscape.

How is the distribution of a bus?

As for the distribution of seats and passengers, we find 46 places for passengers or customers, to which an additional seat or seat is added for the driver, who will take you to your destination.

Normally our buses have at least two tickets, so you can access it with ease and comfort, even if there are many people ready to enter the bus.

Feel free to contact us, the best Belfast Bus Company

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